Actor Headshots and Profile Websites ::

Ovation Photography is working closely with OB1 Technologies in NYC , to provide Compelling Actor and Model Profile Websites. From the initial Photo Shoot we will secure YOUR Domain Name and launch your website within 24 Hours, dedicated to you. This will allow agents and other prospects (and your fan club) to view your Bio, Resume, Photos and Video Clips all in one place. Instead of working within the cramped confines af an 8x10 resume on the back of your headshot, you have a full multimedia presentation to showcase your talents ! .



Personal Papparazzi ::

Out for a get-together with some old friends, Picnic in the Park or off to the Zoo with the Family? Ovation will follow along discreetly and get all of those golden candid family shots that you wish you could capture. When is the last time you had a memorable outing where EVERYONE was IN THE PHOTO? You can leave your camera at home and have Ovation be your "Personal Papparazzi". Call our offices to discuss and schedule (212) 879-1159



Wedding / Event Photography ::

Ovation Photography is a great choice for capturing your special event. Weddings, Graduations, Bar Mitzvas, Birthdays, PR, or corporate events we are at the ready. Our photographers are seasoned professionals, and artists in thier own right.



Portraits ::

Whether its the night of the Prom, a special Family Portrait, or a party at the house, there are times where the home is the ideal place to make a memory. Our Photographers are armed with a compliment of mobile lighting equipment to make your session all that it can be. Ovation Photography offers a FULL suite of options for printing, preserving and displaying your photos including Large Format Printing, Framing, Canvas Prints, Hand Brushing, Your Website, and much more .



Corporate Events and Corporate IDs ::

Restaurant Openings, Corporate Events, Picnics, and Parties are great places for the folks at Ovation Photography. We can capture process and post your event highlights with artistry and precision. However hard you try, you can never get professional results from events like this without professionals. We can also help you use your event images to aid in your social network presence.


Ovation Photography has seasoned professionals on staff that can provide, exciting and beautiful Photo and Video to capture those special moments forever ... 212 879 1159.


Travelling to NYC ? Call US to plan a day around town with your OWN Professional Photographer !! We will plan a day where you can get all of the shots you always wanted in NYC.. Personal Landmark tours and evening shots as well!! In front of our lens, What You Do Is UP TO YOU !!